About me :

M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering                            

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Educations :


M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Applied Design

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology,Isfahan,Iran

Thesis: Prediction of Behavior of Selective Laser Melting Materials Using Continuum Damage Mechanics

Thesis Supervisor:  Dr. Mohammad Mashayekhi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Fields of Research: Damage Mechanics, Finite Element Simulation, Additive Manufacturing



B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics Design

Faculty of  Engineering,ME Department, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran

Thesis: Experimental and numerical study of the effect of spherical ball size, material and height of shoot on COR

Thesis SupervisorDr. Ali Alavinia, Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

Fields of ResearchImpact Mechanics, Finite Element Simulation



Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

 Milad High School, Hamedan, Iran




Research Interests :

  • Damage Mechanics
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Finite Element Method